Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The Yoga

My new job offers a very nice perk, Free Yoga! On Tuesday and Friday at Noon, you'll find me working on my Yoga with my co-workers and I do have to say that I LOVE it! I feel so relaxed by the end and I feel stronger. I'm becoming more aware of what is right for my body and I often find myself doing mini-Yoga stretches outside of work. I believe that everyone should be doing the yoga!

In addition to my Tuesday yoga, I met Julie for a 45 minute easy bike ride. To spice things up, we added in one hill. Julie powered up the hill in her hardest gear and looked surprised when I congratulated her. She thought she was in her easiest gear and didn't understand why the hill was so hard!

Training is going well and I just need to keep the power alive!

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Almost time for August's training schedule

Training has been going well and some days are better than others. Below I'm attaching August's schedule and it is packed full of fun! My Olympic Triathlon is on September 25th so I still have plenty of time to become speedy.

click on photo for larger view

Friday, July 22, 2005

Training for a Triathlon

I remember back when I started down the Triathlon path. I was strict with myself! No alcohol, completion of every workout or more every day and a healthy diet. I’m sad to say that some of those of fallen by the way-side. I’ve learned along the way that some wine won’t hurt your training and that if you miss a work-out, life won’t end. I have taken up the healthy eating though and have really improved it. (Want proof? Well last time my blood pressure was checked it was 135/90 (that was February), today it was 128/78!)

So Julie and I have been training for a triathlon. Yep, a long one too and while she made me commit to training, we haven’t been killing ourselves. This week was a bit hectic for both of us so there were 2 missed workout but that’s ok, because we did Bike 15 miles and run 3.5 on Sunday, Ran Hills on Wednesday, Swam more than 1200 yards on Thursday and rejoiced in our accomplishments on Friday.

Next week, we’ll be out in full-force, though I do have conflicts on two days but I’ll make it work! Tomorrow (since Julie ditched me and headed up to the San Juans for a weekend of fun) I’ll be running 4 miles with Mot and then on Sunday, I’m making her bike 12 miles. She’s going to love me by the end of the weekend! Monday is swimming, Tuesday is a easy 45 minute bike ride but we’ll need to throw in some hills to make up for this week, Wednesday I’m working the Tears for Fears concert and Thursday attending the Stitch and Pitch at the Stadium. So Friday instead of resting, I’ll be swimming.

Then it will start all over again and I’ll like it.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Official Tri-Training Has Begun

Week One of Official Tri-Training has just passed and so far, I'm feeling good. Below I've attached my training schedule and as you can see, it isn't too hard. My Olympic Triathlon is on September 25th so I still have plenty of time to become speedy.

click on photo for larger view